History of the organization:
The Nirmanee Development Foundation (NDF) is one decade old grass roots organization working with mainly rural poor of Sri Lanka. It is registered under the social registration act of Sri Lanka. The founder Nimal Hewanila was working with other non-government organization as a project coordinator of the project called change agent .The project mainly focus on mobilization of poor in order to reach their right and changing attitude towards handling of their lives. When that project has over he started the foundation with village people and some colleagues. NDF is based in Kegalle district of sabaragamuwa province in Sri Lanka.Kegalle district is one of poorest district in the island. The exiting social system is neglecting Poor's need and developing monopoly of all resources. Corrupted political and social system is created dependency for poor people. It is also neglecting environmental issues and human rights. The result is poor get poor while rich is getting rich. Kegalle is famous for Tea and rubber cultivation. These plantations used to use lot of chemical for plantation and most land abandon because of no more fertile in Land. There are less food production and people are depending on out side resource. Same time district has resources and knowledge. Still abandon land can rehabilitate and can introduce organic system for Tea and Rubber plantation. People can cultivate their own vegetables and can be independence from dependencies. But it needs very strong mobilization and activities to cater the problems.

NDF believes that an every one has capacities to develop them selves and live with dignity with out any discriminate. Hence it is important to make opportunity for the needy people to handle their own lives. The foundation has a vision of consolidating people in to groups and vibrant organs of primary local governance, federations them into strong pressure lobby for poor and environment development. A host of continuing dialogues, debates, educational, and other activities with the people, facilitated by the foundation tries to translate vision into reality.

over the years, the programmed evolved from the meeting the simple sustenance need of the groups members to empowering them in order to address the larger issues of food security, natural resources enhancement education and health need of the district. The integration of the varies activities is intended to retrieve Poor's natural leadership position in their communities, and to fight the lack of access and control over the their resources. These activities alongside ensuring earth care are resulting in human care by giving the poor a new found dignity and profile in their village communities.

Prosperous Society

Nirmanee Development Foundation's mission is to contribute towards the sustainability of the society by empowering of the people.

1. Formed up community based organizations
2. Revitalization of Environment
3. providing Training on identified subjects
4. Providing job opportunities for rural poor youth.
5. Research and publication
6. Reclamation of Traditional knowledge
7. Engaging in Business activities.
8. Infrastructure development of the rural area.
9. Net working with like minded organizations
10. Policy Lobbing and advocacy
11. Promoting ethnic harmonies
12. Promoting Alternative energy

1. Implementing of Social Mobilization programmed
2. Introducing saving/credit for rural/urban poor
3. Implementing of sustainable agriculture projects
4. Implementing of water and sanitation projects.
5. Conducting training on
1. Entrepreneurship development,
2. Information technology,
3. Organic farming,
4. Bee keeping,
5. Mushroom production
6. Traditional treatment for snake bite
7. Proper Kitchen management (rural poor),
6 Forming up small co-operatives groups with poor
7. Organizing village fair
8. Research on Traditional knowledge on Health and Agriculture
10. Conducting language classes for Tamil and Sinhalese People.
11. Constructing Bio-Gas unite.



NDF chairman Nimal Hewanila
about the Baddegama project.

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NDF office / training center


NDF team


Project meeting


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    Implemented project and Achievements NDF    
 Name of the project  Result/Indicator  Funding Agency  Present status
 1 .Social Mobilization  20 community based organizations formed in Kandy and Kegalle district. 1.Development fund-Norway
2.Water board of Sri Lanka.
project complete
ongoing project
 2. Savings/Credit  Rupees 1 million is saving in 100 small cooperative groups and 75 people started small scale business. National development Trust Fund  On going project
 3. Water and sanitation
 constructed 1500 toilets and 15 water supply projects for 5000 families 1.Water board of Sri Lanka
2.British High Com- mission-Sri Lanka
 Project completed
 4. Training on
 500 Rural youth received training on information technology  Dutch Friends  Ongoing project
 5. Reclamation of
Traditional Yam
 45 different traditional yam verities found and 100 farmers are started to cultivate traditional yams United Nation Development Programme  Project completed
 6. Reclamation of
knowledge on snake
bite treatment
 40 snake bite healers brought in to net work and produced three type of rare medicine for treatment.  Compass-Holland  Project completed
 7.Alternative Energy  constructed 05 bio-gas unite for five families  Gauri Ganesh  Project completed
 8.Conducted training
on Bee keeping
 15 people started bee keeping as a income generating project Department of Agriculture  Project completed
 9.Conducted training on organic farming  100 families started have a home kitchen garden by using organic fertilizer.  United Nation Development Programme  Project completed
    Names and qualification of the staff NDF    
 Name of the staff  Present position of the organization  Educational and other Qualifications
 1. Mr.H.G.N.Hewanila  Chairman/CEO  1. High Studies (Economics, political science, Buddhist civilization, Sinhala)
2. Diploma in management
3. diploma in social science
4. Diploma in entrepreneurships development
3. Certificate Courses
1. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
2. Participatory monitoring and
evaluation (PM&E)
3. Organizational Development (OD)
4. Logical Frame Approach (LFA)
5. Saving and Credit(SC)
6. Policy lobbying and advocacy(PLA)
7. Training of Trainers(TOT)
8. qualitative information assessment (QIS)
9. Endogenince knowledge development
10. Fifteen years experience in social development work.
 2.Mr.T.Gamini Jayaweera Secretary/Programme coordinator   1. High Studies(Buddhist civilization, History ,Sinhala)
3. 10 Years experiences with social development work.
 3. Miss.Palika
Treasure/accountant   1. High studies(Commerce,accouting,geography)
2. Diploma in accounting
 4. Mrs. Renuka
 Computer training instructor Bachelor of science (Bsc) mathematics
 5. Mr.K.P.U.R.Sujila  Agriculture extension coordinator Bachelor of science (Bsc) Agriculture
 6. Mr.Wasantha Rupasinghe  Project Director 1. High Studies(Biology,Chemestry,Physicis)
3. Diplom in Agriculture
4. 10 years experience in social development work.
 7. Mrs. Damayanthi
 Project Director 1. High Studies(Political seience,History,sinhal)
3. 13 Years experiences in social development work
 8. Mr. Gamini Madhurusinghe  Trainer  1. High Studies(Political science,Hitory,sinhal)
3. 15 Years experience with social development work.
 9. Miss. Thanuja
Wimal Bandana
 Computer operator  Diploma in computer operating
 10. Mr. Prasd Dharmasena  Senior Technical office  Diploma in Technology (construction)
 11. Mr.Sanjeewa Bandara  Technical officer  Diploma in Technology (construction)
 12. Mr.Teshan Jayaweera  Technical officer  Diploma in Technology (construction)
 13. Mr.Simon Ecclesahl  Consultant 1. MA (sociology)
2. Qulity and accountability officer for International federation of red cross